-Capital: Odium (and largest city)

-Official Language: Common

-Government: Mageocracy, limited non-magic user involvement in day to day top level decisions.

-Head of State/Head of Government: Lord Mage Robert Walpole (Level 15 Wizard)

-Legislature: Council of Wizards (Upper House) Council of Commons (Lower House)

-Population: 15 million people

-Districts/Areas: Lockshire (south), Lockshire Forest, Odium County, Odium City, The Highlands, West-shores (Danchester), East Shores (Torlenbury), Grukland (Clovesmere), the Meridian River Fields (Tornpoint Castle).

- Avaland on the World Stage

Avaland is one of the more powerful nations on Earth. The country is a Mageocracy, and has a two-tiered system of government. The nobility are all magic users; however commoners can become magic users if accepted to a magic college. Normally only the wealthy are accepted however some privileged and gifted young men and women are accepted as well.

The society practices gender-neutral politics for the most part. Women can hold upper class positions of authority and titles but lower class women rarely advance beyond the point of having sex with their husbands and cooking dinner.

Avaland has a very developed Maratime/magic economy and boasts a strong professional (though relatively small and expensive) navy and core of marines who are accompanied by magic users.

Avaland controls Grukland, the island to its East. The Island is home to a large amount of ores and metals as it is heavily made with mountains. The population doesn’t like being “subjects” of Walpole’s and regularly attempted to rebel in the past. However, a serious of sham political moves by Walpole has made them subservient since they now have a “voice” in the Council of Commons, as well as the sizable garrison of marines at Clovesmere.

Avaland enjoys a rich trading partnership with many other countries and remains neutral in most international disputes. Piracy and privateers is their number one enemy.

- Culture of Avaland:

Avaland is similar to England in the Middle Ages, with more technological, culture and magical development.

There is a middle class of craftsmen, doctors, and professionals as well as “guilds” that go with those professions. The principle Drivers of the economy is trade however a lot of resources are owned by various nobility as well as businessmen. The nobility taxes their fiefs and must give a certain percentage to the crown.

- Districts of Avaland:

The further you move from the East and south the more ignorant and simple the island population becomes.

The Highlander population are stout miners and ore craftsmen as well as handy bakers. They export their goods down the Meridan river to the eastern cities for barter, food and supplies. They are good at warding off pirates and raiders. And demand not too much help from the government. There is hardly a government to demand help from as the local lordship has been vacant for some time and the duties of defense and taxation are taken up on a local matter.

The population in the fields are mostly farmers and simple craftsmen without much knowledge of the outside world. There is a large halfing population in the Meridan fields and they have a good relationship with the folk of the island. The halfings are good cooks, and even better at eating what they make. The lord of Meridan keeps their lives and thoughts simple.

The forest of Lockshire is composed of backwoods woodsmen and Lockshire itself is a castle and sprawl of towns and hamlets. They are considered simple people. They have to deal with banditry in the forests, although there are rumors of Druids and secret meetings in the woods.

The Western Shores of Danchester receive goods from the rest of Avaland by sea because it’s cheaper. They (with good occasion) get Elven trade fleets and fleets from Araby and other farther parts of the world. As a result, Danchester is a hub for rare items and goods and a lot of Nobels have country houses on the outskirts of the county and city. The folk are portioned rather sternly, nobels, rich traders and craftsmen and then the working class.

The East Shores and the Capital City are as sprawling of a Megaoplis as one can find on this Earth. They are busy trade ports as well as centers of economic, military and cultural power. There are many foreign visitors and some members of other races and creeds. Many travelers. Millions of people live in this area.

Grukland is home to mountains and ore and a staunch, ignorant, intolerant, dirty group of people (the Avaland Side) the Grukland side is they are unfairly treated and subjugated and just got rights in the Council of Commons. They have a puppet government and Avaland exploits their resources. Norscan Radiers often come attempting to steal jewels. There is some civil unrest but it doesn’t erupt in violence. The soldiers treat the natives well (as in they don’t kill them or beat them but there is some mistreatment).

- Local Laws and Level of Oppression

The Government can pretty much do what it wants, within reason. There are no “rights” to speak of, except your wallet and skills. There are limitations to confiscating property and life and there are courts for disputes.

Magical practices need a license from the government to operate. They are normally inexpensive but require you have a degree from a magical college.

The trafficking in “dangerous” magical items can be punishable by death, it’s up to the court and the Sheriff of the town or guards in the military to determine if the item is “dangerous” and what the punishment (or how the execution should be carried out) should be.


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