Kingdom of Garany


Capital: Rouen (and largest city)

Official Language: Common and Garech (Dialect)

Government: Absolute Monarchy

Head of State/Head of Government: King Lothair the Fierce

Legislature: None/Not Applicable

Population: 8 Million people

Districts/Areas: Nordan [North Western] (Bayeux), Caen [Northen province] (Coutain), Rouen City, The Rouen Valley, The Border Mts (Castle Depuex), The Red Tree Forest (Roudeux), The Balise River, The Iton River, The Lunain River and Verzee (fields).

An Introduction to the Kingdom of Garany…

Garany is ruled by the King Lothair the Fierce, who made his reputation throughout the world known as someone not to be messed with. When Dalus and Telenhiem sought to encroach on Garany’s territory, he met them with swift resistance. He employs the use of assassins, it is said and often whispered however there is no proof (typically because it gets killed). His father, Dorithar, died very young and Lothair ascended the throne quickly, with much (pre-planned) speed.

Garany’s Government:

The regional governors are appointed by the King, who replaced all of his father’s men with those loyal to him. The king has the power of the purse, and receives taxes and tithes from the lands, allowing his governors to keep what is necessary to well govern, as well as capital and infrastructure improvements.

The Districts of Garany:

The province of Nordan is home to some of the best soil and wine in the world. The city of Bayeux is a major port for the navy and for trade. There are many well tolerated and diverse travelers and traders. As long as the crown gets its cut, everyone is happy. The wine is shipped all over the world as far is it can. It has no mach save several wines of the elves and other mythical sources.

The province of Caen and the city of Coutain are popular as craft centers. Trade and fishing are also primary economic activies. There are many travelers and adventures here. Towards the inland part of the province there is a lot of agricultural activity. The City of Coutain is a giant sprawling sea port which stretches for many miles across the northern coast.

Rouen is the capital and center of the kingdom. It is from here Lothair projects his power and posses a large army as well as an army of bureaucrats established. The government pays for little save swords, walls and trade. The Rouen river valley is home to many rich and prosperous middle class dwellings and suburban communities as well as farms and manors owned by various wealthy families.

The Border Mountains and the Castle of Depuex are controlled by Baron Boulvinair, a man who rules this area with an iron fist. He works his population collectivity in their effort to mine minerals in the border mountains and keeps a close eye on Telenhiem.

The Red Tree Forest and the surrounding city of Roudeux is home to a simple population of farmers and loggers. Roudeux serves as a staging area for traders and the military to the south towards Estila and other kingdoms.

The Verzee is the bread basket of the kingdom and generates much wheat and other foods for consumption and trade. It is protected by several garrisons as Lothair knows it is a weak point. There are spies all around this area who watch for signs of invasion or subterfuge.


There is a developed middle class, although they have little or no rights and they are less developed than those in Avaland. There is a larger poorer class. Authority is respected. The State is mother and father. Lothair is loved by the people and they consider him a savior, protector, father, brother and son. They have pictures and prayers of him. To speak ill of him would not be in your best interest or if you value your life and limbs.

The state interferes in everyday life, there are agents and spies. As long as you don’t speak up and cause trouble and do your work and the government gets its taxes, you’ll be left alone.

The area has a very Bastille, French feeling to it and indeed the local dialect sounds much like French. Most city dwellers speak Common, however country folk will not.

Laws and Local Stuff

Pretty much fascism. Decisions and everything of the sort is through the government appointed figures and those in control (basically “the party”). It is Illegal to speak out against the government, tax evasion is really bad (don’t do it) and there are a slew of illegal items, books, spells, ext. Magic is closely controlled and monitored with suspicion and therefore it isn’t the most advertised of things. Government officials such as governors and military organizations use magic. Public access is largely restricted.

Kingdom of Garany

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