Capital: Ryfylke (and largest city)

Official Language: Norscan (Dialect), Royals and most soldiers speak common

Government: Absolute Monarchy

Head of State/Head of Government: King Magnus Håkonsson the Law Mender

Legislature: None/Not Applicable

Population: 2.5 Million

Districts/Areas: Ryfylke, Southern Slopes (Tunsburg), The Eastern Shores (Sirdal)

On Norsca

The Norscan’s are a fierce blond haired blue eyed people.They use Axes, fast lighting attacks and ride into battle on slender quick ships which sail down rivers very easily. They have three major cities and the rest are nomadic settlements or too small to matter with only a couple of hundred inhabitants. Norscans are great mountain dwellers, almost as good as Dwarves it is said. They where light mail armors and hides. They use long daggers, knives and axes as well as cross bows. They never fight large scale battles. They have wizards who use runic magic. Their language is a mix of Dwarfish, common and their own design.

The current ruling clan is the Håkonsson Clan, who came to dominate the political and military landscape after the Håkonsson Clan lead a series of counter attacks to repel an Orc Invasion from the eastern province of Feloras.

Norscan Culture

Norscan life is centered on Clans. Each ruling clan has a certain amount of prestige. The men practice limited polygamy. There is little infighting within the kingdom, save for Clan disputes which are often settled face to face. They hunt game and gather food as well as grow a limited amount of hearty grains that can grow on the frost bitten fields or under ground in caves.

Districts of Norsca

Ryfylke is a huge mountain fortress carved directly into the Frost Mountains. It is close to a bay and port which they use for trade. They have very simple halls and architecture. Magnus rules from here.

The southern Slopes refers to the Southern tip of the Frost Mountains, the city of Tunsburg is located here and is ruled by Mangus’ cousin, Gorson The Giant of Hakonsson. Gorson is huge (7 foot 2) and weighs about 300lbs of muscle and bone. He is a very friendly person though. He loves songs, stories and feasting but is not without fight. He would be next in line for succession of the throne however Magnus’own Son, Yorkvic, is next in line, something many Norascans are not happy about. Tunsburg is a fairly large city with underground growing chambers for potatoes, wheat, honey and mead. They eat wild beats that roam the mountains and other areas. They have a large port and do a lot of trade with Avaland and receive a payment to keep the sea free of raiders.

The Eastern Shores of Sirdal are ruled by Mangus’ brother, and are the entrance to the kingdom from the east. Although they share a border with only Feloras, there are still incursions of orcs, barbarians and pirates that must be delta with. Also, there is a substantial amount of mining, farming and exploring here.

Sirdal is ruled by Yorkvic Håkonsson, who is reported to be a terrible human being. He is Mangus’ own son, and a rumor has recently spread that he is possessed by some nameless evil which is slowly driving him into a state of genocidal insanity.


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