The Telenhiem Republic:

Capital: Telenhiem Castle

Official Language: Common

Government: Oligarchy

Head of State/Head of Government: High Baron Durek Von Baden

Legislature: Council of Barons(Upper) Council of Ministers (lower)

Population: 25 Million people

Districts: Northern Border Mountains, The Southern Border Mountains (Hagel Castle), Stone Crush Pass (Klausberg), The Duchy Peaks, Telenhiem Castle, The Old Wood, Iron Tree Pass, The Iron Mountains (Hastenburg), Gutensbourg River (Gutensbourg Castle), Kelderberg Fields (Schindlersberg), Kapsburg River (Kapsburg).


The Border Mountains seperate Garany from Telenhiem. In the past, they fought many wars for control of the mountains and the Greystone resource. After fighting back the forces of Garany, Telenhiem gained control of the Greystone deposits in wanted and agreed to pay the crown of Garany a yearly user fee to save lives, money and resources. The Border mountains are broken up into three areas (North, Central and South). They are policed from Hagel Castle, Baron Voluck Hagel rules from there and collects taxes and tithes on Greystone, the government takes a sizable cut in taxes and revenues.

Stone Crush Pass is a made trade route. The area derives its name from an incursion of stone throwing trolls from the mountains who wrecked havoc on trade. The Telenhiem army responded with extreme prejudice and the story is now a local tale often told to those passing through. It is governed from the provincial capital of Klausberg by Klausberg family and Durnig Von Klausberg, the Baron who is a very nice person. His only interest in to maintain trade, law and order and fairness. He leaves everything else be.

World Standing of Telenhiem:

Telenhiem is a rather technologically advanced state for such a byzantine world. They utilize steam power, coal and magical energy of a material called Greystone found in the border mountains. They have a very professional and well equipped army. Telenhiem utilizes black powder weapons and powered war machines. Their soldiers are outfitted with plate and heavy mail, as well as heavy Calvary. Telenhiem troops are strong, large and slow but difficult to kill.

Although they have a border with the sea, their Navy is small and primary equipped to defend the borders from invasion and protect from piracy. They higher mercenaries to patrol their seas.


There are titles of nobility called Barons who run their various fiefs. They range in influence, wealth and power. There are free elections, which only property owners over the age of 21 are allowed to engage in. They elect ministers who serve in the lower house of the legislature. The Barons select a Baron to be the High Baron for a five year term. The council of ministers has a smaller role in the government. They can vote on laws, taxes and other items.

Culture Telenhiem values knowledge. They have an extensive network of schools and universities. The government subsidizes energizing and other professions as it feeds its army with new and valuable weapons. Property owners are treated similarly to Barons and in fact some property owners who lack titles of nobility may even be more wealthy than poor Barons from country Feifs who lack revues or good land.

Local Laws The government has some civil liberties. You must be charged with crimes, you cant disappear into a black sack overnight and the more property or wealth you have, the better you are. Magic is very rare here. There is a department of the government which limits its use. As such, it is viewed with distrust and skepticism, much like in Garany, but for different reasons. The people value science over magic and it seems like mysticism and parlor tricks to them. They utilize Greystone because of its source of power in their machines.


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