Tetra is the planet on which the campaign “Tetra” takes place. The world is comprised of various races including humans, elves, dwarfs, Orcs and other standard elements of fantasy.

There are several nation states which comprise the political, economic and social landscape of Tetra. The mage ruled island state of Avaland, the fierce northmen of Norsca, the fascist monarchy of Garany and the technocrats of Telenhiem are only a few of the human countries which comprise the world of Tetra.

The border and trade wars were fought years ago and the countries haven now settled on a system of trade which benefits all. There are still problems in the world and between countries. Espionage, political subterfuge and piracy are major problems of the day. There are also rumors of horrible and strange things happening in the deserts and jungles of the southern continent of Araka and the far Eastern edges of the main continent of Euros.

Talk of Orc and human pirates as well as Drow raiders have occupied gossips and story tellers as of late, as well as rumors of necromancers and armies of un-dead warriors.

Although, to most, these rumors and whispers appear only to be what occupies the conversations at local taverns, others, such as adventures and agents of kings know there might be real danger.


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